What We Do For Our Clients

Do not write off that debt no matter how small. From debts as little as £29, Pro-Debt will take the job on in every instance.

With over 17 years of experience chasing overdue accounts owed to his businesses, we completely understand the gut wrenching feeling of not being paid for a service that you have provided.

There is nothing more annoying than a debtor of your business refusing to pay you by accusing your service of being inadequate or claiming to have financial dificulties and not making any attempt whatsoever to start making payments to you.


No Win No Fee – No Catches and Other Payment Options

Please contact us to enquire about our no win, no fee services. Pro-Debt also has other payment options for our recovery services that may work better as a payment option for you. Please enquire for further details.


Persual Calls, Emails, Letters and Text Messages

Initially, Pro-Debt can contact debtors by way of telephone, SMS, email and by way of post to request payment on your behalf. We will attempt to negotiate settlement of the debt in full as soon as possible within a reasonable time frame. If this approach is unsuccessful, we can then proceed to HMCS Claim action if you instruct us to.


HMCS County Court Claims

Pro-Debt offers a claim filing and handling service whereby we can assist you with the small claim process. This can be done with or without the involvement of Solicitor’s inexpensively.



If you would like to issue your debtor(s) with a Letter Before Action (LBA) only at the initial stage of recovery or would like your debts to be pursued through Solicitors through to Court stage but want to avoid the expensive legal costs of doing so, Pro-Debt can instruct litigation through our legal partners against your debtors inexpensively if you prefer this type of approach.