Pro-Debt primarily focuses on assisting business with the recovery of monies due for services rendered.

Pro-Debt solely focuses on assisting businesses including Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Companies in recovering unpaid invoices for services they have provided to consumers and other businesses that have not been paid.

Debtors excuses for non-payment in these circumstances will likely be accusing businesses of not fulfilling their obligations in full, expressing dissatisfaction with the service that has been provided to them or claiming to be suffering from financial hardship.

It is very frustrating for businesses when they believe that the party they have provided services to are not being genuine regarding their claims and are are not being given the priority and consideration they deserve from individuals and businesses they have contractually fulfilled services for.

There is nothing more annoying than a debtor to your business refusing to pay you by accusing your service of being adequate or due to financial dificulties and not making any attempt whtsoever to pay something.

Pro-Debt is here to step in and bring an end to these types of demoralising situations. Cash flow is the key to running small businesses and when payment is not recieved, it can cripple businesses and cause severe stress to Proprietor’s.

From debts as little as £35, Pro-Debt will take the job on in every instance on a no win no fee basis. With over 17 years of experience chasing overdue accounts owed to his businesses, our CEO completely understands the gut wrenching feeling of not being paid for a service that you have provided genuinely with good intentions.


Our Promise

  • We will pursue debtors extensively to the bitter end and will not stop action unless otherwise impossible
  • We take ownership of all debts handed over to us and will treat all debts like they are our own
  • We will do everything within our power to force individuals in to bankruptcy and firms in to liquidation if we cannot get money or assets from them
  • To put the smile back on our Client’s faces
  • Please visit our ‘Services’ section for a full scope of the services we provide.