If you are not already registered with us, you will first need to set-up an account so that you can submit debts to us for recovery on a no win, no fee basis. There is an initial account set-up fee payable for new client’s. Once you have an account with us, we will start chasing debt’s on your behalf the same day.

You will receive 100% of your money that we recover*. We offer a price beating guarantee that if you find better rates anywhere else, we will beat it. Please call us on 0800 566 8157 so that we can arrange this for you.


Debt Recovery Fee’s


Individual / Landlord / Small to Medium Sized Business Account

£199+VAT (One-time account set-up fee)

We then work on a No Win, No Fee basis on all debts we receive on an unlimited basis for the life of the account.


Corporate / Large Business Account

£299+VAT (One-time account set-up fee)

We then work on a No Win, No Fee basis on all debts we receive on an unlimited basis for the life of the account.


The above fee’s include all stationery, postal and telephone costs we incur issuing correspondence by way of post, email, telephone and text message to Debtor’s. Additional fee’s are applicable for Credit Checks, repossession notices, Solicitor’s Letter Before Action (LBA) notices and HMCS / Sheriff’s Court Claim Filing. See below for fee’s. Please note the above fee’s are non-refundable once service has been commenced.
*Our client’s will receive 100% of their money on any debts we collect in full. Pro-Debt will add an additional 19% recovery fee to any consumer debt amounts we receive and an additional 15% recovery fee to any commercial debt amounts we receive due payable by the Debtor to subsidise our operating costs.
Initially, if we do not receive payment in full from the Debtor including our fee’s, we will deduct our fee’s from any payments we receive until our fee’s are paid in full. All further payments we receive will be paid to the Claimant in full until they receive 100% of the debt amount they are owed.
If our client’s consumer or commercial agreements with their Debtor’s do not include clauses that recovery fees of at least a rate of 20% will be added to default consumer arrears agreements and at least a rate of 15% to default commercial arrears agreements, Debtors do not lawfully have to pay our recovery fee’s but can still be requested to pay them. Debtor’s will not be informed of the legislation unless they request details on the legislation regarding fee’s.
If Debtor’s are not lawfully obligated to pay our recovery fee’s and refuse to pay them upon request, the Claimant will have our fee’s deducted from the debt amount that we collect.


Credit Checks

We will perform a single credit check / AML check on an individual or a business starting from £19.95+VAT. For multiple credit check’s (3+) we apply a reduced rate of £17.95+VAT per check.



We provide a range of tracing services starting from £39.95+VAT.


Solicitor’s Letter Before Action (LBA)

We provide a Solicitor’s seven day Letter Before Action (LBA) notice service through our legal partner’s for £29.95+VAT.


HMCS County Court Claims

We prepare and submit HMCS County Court Claims starting from £29.95+VAT per claim (excluding HMCS claim filing fee’s).


Sheriff’s Court Claims

We prepare and submit Sheriff’s Court Claims starting from £39.95+VAT per claim (excluding Sheriff’s Court claim filing fee’s).


Tenancy Breaches Repossession / End of Tenancy Repossessions

Section 8 notices or Section 21 notices starting from £49+VAT. Includes preparation and unrecorded and recorded delivery of notice, representation to enquiries from debtor’s and their representatives and client counselling on an unlimited basis.


Our operators are available 24/7/365. Please contact us at any time including public holidays for instant free advice and assistance.