Debt Collectors | Solicitors Letter Before Action

Pro-Debt Debt Collectors 

If a debtor we are pursuing fails to make payment after receiving our debt collector payment demands, we will then escalate the matter to a law firm Solicitor that we partner to issue a Letter Before Action or ‘LBA’ as it is commonly known as in the industry. This is the penultimate stage before filing a County Court Claim in the HMCS (Her Majesty’s Court Service) or Small Claim through one of the six Sheriff’s Courts in Scotland.


Pre-Action Protocol Procedure Seven Day Notice

To comply with Court Claim procedure guidance, it is recommended to provide debtor’s with a final seven day notice of Court action either from a debt collector agency or debt recovery Solicitors. This procedure demonstrates to the Courts that the debtor has been given ample opportunity to find a resolve with the Claimant or debt collector agency and that if payment or agreed payment plan has not been achieved that the Claimant has been left with no other alternative but to make an application to the Courts in order to recover the payment amount plus costs that they are owed.


Commercial Debt Recovery Solicitors

An LBA Letter Before Action from a debt collector recovery Solicitor will often result in a payment from a debtor that wishes to avoid receiving a Summons from the Courts. Some debtor’s will still fail to make payment at this stage if they think the Claimant will not follow through a with a Court claim or if they think a Court defence will be to deny receiving such correspondence. The Courts are aware of such tactics and although it is not a legal obligation to issue an LBA from a Solicitor, it will massively benefit a Claimant if they matter goes before the Courts.


Issue an LBA through Pro-Debt’s Debt Collectors Legal Partner Today

If you would like to issue a Letter Before Action debt collection letter to a Debtor that has failed to make payment arrangements after receiving Pro-Debt’s recovery debt collection letter’s, please notify our agent’s when they contact you after we have completed the debt collection process. We will immediately issue a Solicitor’s LBA through our legal partner’s to the Debtor. If the the Debtor fails to comply with this demand, the next step is to then issue proceedings through the Courts. Our next article discusses Court proceedings in more detail. Please call 08005668157 for more details about LBA’s and the Pre-Action Protocol Procedure.